Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fakta 100 Eunhyuk_bag 4_ :D

Anjong!! Balik lagi..Langsung terusin aja ya..Selamat membaca!!

38. What you cook well: fried egg

39. Where you live now: HwaGohkDong.When you go to our house there is a bridge that opens/so nowadays I use a bus
Nah itu waktu tahun 2005. Sekarang Eunhyuk tinggal di asrama bareng anak-anak suju yang lain.

40. A memory that lasts in your mind: when we used to practice as a trio group
Lagi-lagi ini waktu tahun 2005.

41. What saying you use often: it's different every every time, Oh! My Joker (note: another gag phrase)

42. How long you've been away from home: I do it often..keke

43. First kiss: I thought it was 9th grade but now that I think about it carefully it was 7th grade
Wah masih muda ya!! Mungkin sekitar umur 14 tahun.

44. If you did, where: at some villa dambyuhrak, since it's happened in the past, forget I regret it a lot too

45. What you look @ first when you see a girl: style

46. If you have a girlfriend: if I have a g/f; what kind of answer do you want -0-?

47. If I was in a love triangle: meet each one individually and clear things up
Kayak di flim-film korea aja

48. If the person you love betrays you: if the person really loves another person, I can understand
Baik banget!!

49. What you want to give to the person you love: I want to give her everything with out holding back~ohoo~tonahwah -0-
Do you want love? What do I have to do?
And I want love. I’m still in love with you.
Oh, It’s still clear in my mind, your birthday.
I couldn’t give you more other than my heart and a small gift.
Oh, I love you, I want to say a hundred times, a thousand times “I love you”
I’m sorry I couldn’t give you much then..
I’m sorry I couldn’t hold in to you..

(bagian paling favorit)
Tebak apa?

50. What you do at school: take care of my body or control conditions; some will say I sleep -0-(??)
menjaga badan atau mengontrol kondisi = tidur (haha ;D)

51. Fave flower: I don’t know the names of many flowers keke

52. Fave song: nowadays the list of songs I like has expanded a lot keke in particular I listen to big mama's honjitmal often ke
ya itu waktu tahun 2005, sekarang ga tau

53. Fave color: white, blue, beige

54. Age range of person to marry: 8 years older and 3 years younger I guess ke
beneran nih

55. What do you do in your spare time: (I'm not sure, I couldn't find it)

56. First love: God
mesti kita contoh

57. If you had 100 manwon: bravo~

58. A drama you liked: romance (I couldn't see it when it actually aired on tv, during break I watched it all night for a week on the internet.

Yaudah deh sigitu dulu ntar dilanjutin lagi. Silakan-silakan yang mau berkomentar atau memberikan saran.

Dadah _Yatu_1 st_

sumber dari banyak pihak

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